Grout joints can easily become dirty and stained, in the bathroom, kitchen, even the grout in your entry way.  These areas can easily be cleaned with Magellan Solutions Grout Cleaner.   This product works great.  I hear many people say they use bleach.  Bleach can damage and eat away at your grout as well as bleach out the color.  Our Grout Cleaner can safely be used on white or colored grout.

The directions are easy to follow.  All you need is the cleaner, a scrub brush and a cloth to wipe your surface down.  First wet the surface with water.  Apply or wipe the grout cleaner into your grout joints.  Let this sit for a few minutes.  Use the scrub brush to agitate the cleaner on the grout.  You will see the dirt lifting out. Wipe down with water when you are finished.

Once your grout has been thoroughly cleaned, you can easily use Magellan Solutions Grout Cleaner to maintain your clean grout joints.